Chapter 31 Vocabulary
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believed that God was a "good guy" and the universe a pretty chummy place; these were the people...
The dynamic 1920's revealed women notorious for their risky attire and dance styles. Referred...
Sacco and Vanzetti Case
Nicola Sacco was a shoe-factory worker and Bartholomew Vanzetti was a fish peddler. They were...
Ku Klux Klan
In the 1920s this group was very anti-foreign. It was against all groups which did not have...
Emergency Quota Act 1921
This law restricted immigration to 3% of each nationality that was in the United States in...
Immigration Quota Act 1924
was passed in 1924--cut quotas for foreigners from 3 % to 2% of the total number of immigrants...
Volstead Act
The Volstead Act implemented the 18th Amendment. It established illegal alcohol at above .5%.
A movement that pushed that the teachings of Darwin were destroying faith in God and the Bible....
Sinclair Lewis
Lewis was the chief chronicler of Midwestern life. He was a master of satire and wrote "
William Faulkner
He was a writer. In 1926 he wrote a bitter war novel called "Soldier's Pay". He also wrote...

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