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Judiciary Act of 1789
1789 law that created the Judicial Branch of the federal government. Among the things provided for in the Act:
  • the number...
whiskey rebellion 1794
western farmers refused to pay excise tax on whiskey (important part of hamiltons revenue program) washington sent out federal militia and rebellion evaporated. strengthened credibility...
Hamilton's financial Program
1. pay off national debt @ face value, have fed gov assume the war debts of states2. protect nation's young industries and collect revenues at the same time by imposing high tariffs...
Proclamation of neutrality 1793
france in midst of revolutionwashington believed that young nation not strong enough to engage in a war
jay treaty 1794
Washington sent john jay on mission to talk brits out of searching and seizing American shipsbrit agreed to evacuate posts on US estern frontier but said nothing about seizures
pickney treaty 1795
spain agreed to open the lower MI river and new orleans to Americcan trade
Washington's farewell address 1796
*dont get involved in European affairs*against eh US making permanent alliances in foreign affairs*not to form political political parties*avoid sectionalism
John Adams 1797-1801vp jefferson
wrote against stamp actdefended brit soldier involved in boston massacrenegotiated treaty of paris 1783vp for washington
XYZ affair
3 man delegation sent to France in 1798 to persuade French to stop harassing American shippingbribed that had to pay to see French Minister Talleyrand
Naturalization Act 1798
aliens could not become citizens until they had lived in the US 14 years.
Alien Act
gave president power to deport all aliens considered dangerous
The Sedition Act
made it illegal for newspaper editors to crticize either the president or Congress and imposed heavy penalties
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
republicans argued that bc went against 1st amendment of the constitution both resolutions agreed that states had entered into a compact in forming the national government and if any...
judiciary act of 1801
changed supreme court from six to five judges, created 16 additional circuit court judgeshipsigned last night of Adam's term in an effort to maintain Federalist control over the judicial...
Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809VP Aaron BurrGeroge Clinton
secretery of statevp under adamswrote kentuckey resolutions
Marbury vs. madison 1803
1. jefferson didnt want madison to deliver appointment to Marbury2. Marbury asked the madison for appointment (mandamus)3. Jerfferson told madiso to pay no attentionCJ Marshall refused...
Louisiana Purchase 1803
Napoleon offered to sell for 15 millionjeff authorized expedition to explore western territory to the pacific
Embargo of 1807
no american ship can leaves an american port for a foreign portno foreign vessel can load a cargo at an american portcoastwise shipping must post a bond equal to twice the value of...
non intercourse act of 1809
allowed American ships to trade everywhere except in port controlled by england or by france
Madison 1809-1817VP george clintonelbridge gerry
author of issues of Federalist paperssos under jefferson
macon act of 1810
whichever natioan ceased its attack upon our commerce would be rewarded by having the US cease trading with the other naion
berlin and milan decreesorders in council
established policy of seizing any neutral shipping headed for enemy ports
war hawks
leader - henry claywar spirit motivated by hatred of england/ambition for expansion
war 1812
brit delays in meeting US demands and political pressures from war hawk congress-. madison declared war against BritainBOMBARDMENT OF FORT MCHENRY INSPIRED FSK TO WRITE STAR SPANGLED...
treaty of ghent 1814
halt to fightingreturn of all conquered territoryrecognition of prewar boundary between canada and us
hartford convention
mass, con, and RI came close to seceding from the unionopposed to war and republican govconvention dissolved bc Jackson's victory at new orleans and treaty of ghent
first protective tariff 1816
hostility toward enalnd had created ill will toward british productsspirit of unity and nationalism 100s of small enterprises had been formed to supply demand created by lack of imports...

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