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In a Positive Material Identification program, a material non-conformance is a test result...
3.8 material nonconformance: Is not consistent with the specified alloy.  
What is the remaining life of a piping system with a short-term corrosion rate of 0.010 in/yr...
7.1.1 Long-term and short-term corrosion rates should be compared to see which results in the...
How do you evaluate the effects of fire damage on a piping system?
7.4 Utilizing API 579 Fitness-for-Service
The remaining life of a piping system shall be calculated with what formula?
7.1.1 T actual - T minimum / corrosion rate
The owner-user shall specify industry qualified UT Shear Wave Examiners when:
570 5.10 Trying to detect and size flaws for Fitness-for-Service evaluation.
What is the level of examination in a Material Verification program?
578  3.5 level of examination: The specified percentage of the number of components to...
Substituting appropriate NDE procedures for a pressure test after a repair may only be done...
570 8.2.6 Pressure Testing Consultation with the inspector and the piping engineer.
API RP 579 provides procedures for:
570 5.3.11 API RP 579, Section 3 provides procedures for the assessment of equipment for...
When positive material identification (PMI) testing is required, portable X-ray fluorescence...
578 5.2.1 Portable X-ray Fluorescence cannot be used to detect elements lighter than sulfur...
Piping system corrosion rates shall be calculated on:
7.1.1 Either a short-term or long-term basis
API 578, Material Verification program for new and existing alloy piping systems covers:
4.2.5 Components Covered in a Material Verification ProgramProcess valves (including control...
A piping system with a high potential consequence of failure has a corrosion rate of 10 MPY,...
7.1.1 Remaining Life Calculations
Piping components identified by PMI as not meeting the original piping specifications:
570 5.8 Would be targeted for replacement.

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