AP Govt Ch.11 Vocab

Chapter 11 Vocab
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Equivalent of a criminal charge against an elected official, removal of official from office...
Scandal that led to the forced resignation of President Richard M. Nixon
Executive Priviledge
Right of a president to with hold from other branches of governmental confidental communications...
Refusal by a president to spend money appropriated by Congress
Items on which a president wishes to postpone spending
Items on which a president wishes to cancel spending
White House Press Corps
Reporters from both print and broadcast media assigned to regulatory cover the president
Executive Order
Formal regulation governing executive branch operations issued by the president
The heads of the executive departments together with other top officials accoreded cabinet...
National Security Council (NSC)
"Inner Cabinet" that advises the president and coordinates foreign, defense, and intelligent...
Honeymoon period
Early months of a presidents term in which his populatiry with the public and influence with...
Political stalemate between the exec. and legis. branches arising when one branch is controlled...
Rejection of a legislative act by the exec. branch in the US fed'l gov't overriding of a veto...
Pocket Veto
Effective veto of a bill when congress adjourns with in 10 days of passing it and the president...
Voting in Congress to enact legislation vetoed by the president; needs 2/3rds vote in both...
Line-Item Veto
Power of the chief executive to reject some portions of a bill without rejecting all of it
Diplomatic Recognition
Power of the president to grant "legitmacy" to of withhold it from a govt of another nation...
Executive Agreement
Agreement with another nation signed by the president of the US but less formal than a treaty...
Covert Action
Secret Intelligence activity outside US borders undertaken with specific authorization by the...
War Power Resolution
Bill passed in 1973 to limit presidential war-making powers, it restricts when, why, and for...

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