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Federal council composed of members appointed by the governments of the states.
Through this, serfdom was abolished in most of Austria and Russia.
Revolution of 1848
Marked the end of the Crimean War. The forces of the French and British finally captured the...
An attempt to reorganize the empire's administration and military along European lines
Hatt-i Sharif
Approached the solution to Russia's problems with that reform was necessary and possible
Alexander II
Provided a system of local governments through commoners
As a result of this, Russian law, language, and administration were imposed on all areas of...
Polish Rebellion of 1863
Published a newspaper called "The Bell" which set forth reformist positions
Discovered that autocracy could not survive the 20th century. He was determined that Russia...
Nicholas II
After a career in the railroad industry, he was the finance minister under Alexander III
Opposed industrialism and looked to the communal life of Russia as the model for the future
Social Revolutionary Party
Parliamentary Regime with ministries responsible to parliament, civil liberties, and economic...
Constitutional Democratic Party
Marxist, his brother was executed by the Tsar for revolutionary action. He spent most of his...
Vladimir Ulyanov
Sailors mutinied, students went on strike, and the Tsar issued a October Manifesto that promised...
Revolution of 1905
His policies were repressive, resulting in the execution of hundreds of peasants

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