Anthropology Chapter 8

Anthropology Chapter 8
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Arranged Marriage
Alliance forming exchanges
Living with an uncle
Bride Service
The new husband works for his father-in-law for a period of time
Bride Wealth
The husband's group pays or compensates the wife's group with some goods
Cousin Marriage
Cross *blank marriage or Parallel *blank marriage
Cross-Cousin Marriage
Marriage between children of a brother and a sister, are the cloest relatives who are allowed to marry
Cultural Schema's of Marriage
The set of ideas that people have in their minds about marriage
A woman brings some significant wealth to her new family
Stipulate that marriage must take place within the group
Rules that prohibit people of the same social group from marrying
Extended Family
Nuclear family that splits and then recombines becomes this
Female Husband
Retarded way of establishing males in the Nuer society, if a dude only has daughters then he allows one of the daughters to take on the male role, marry another woman, and raise said womans children.
Ghost Marriage
One of a dead mans kinsmen marries a woman, usually the widow, to have sons in his name
Marriage within the same religious group, social class, or socially defined racial category
The basis economic interacting unit
Kin relationships for which marriage or sex is forbidden
Joint Family
In India the extended family is referred to as this
Brother of a dead man marries the widow
Love Marriage
Consummation leading to marriage
Socially recognized union of a male and emale, marked by some sort of public wedding ceremony that establishes a family.
Living with the wife's kin group
Having only one spouse
Establishing an independent residence
Nuclear Family
Immediate family makes this up
Parallel Cousin Marriage
Marriage between children of same-gender siblings
Parallel Cousin Marriage
Living with the husband's kin group
When one woman has more than one husband
The pattern of multiple spouses
When one man has more then one wife
Postmarital Residence
Matrilocal, patriloca, neolocal and avunculocal
Preferential Sororate
Not a clue
Schema's of Romance
Richer cross cultural description of courtships
Sororal Polygyny
A man is simultaneously married to sisters
Widower is remarried to his deceased wife's sister
Unclear Families
Families that have split due to unnatural reasons
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