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Athletes usually experience muscular fatigue less quickly that nonathletes because they
produce less lactic aci
The role of ATP in muscle contraction is to supply energy for
myofilament movement
smooth muscle is found in the wall of
the stomach and intestine
In a recording of a muscle twitch the delay between the time a stimulus is applied and the time the muscle responds is called the
latent period
Tendons and ligament are composed primarily of
dense connective tissue
White muscles have an increased capacity to carry on aerobic respiration
The maintenance of body temperature is realted to the action of skeletal muscles because
the more active they are the more heat is released
endomysium separates individual muscle fibers
The latent period is the time when the muscle is relaxed
A tendon is characterized by being_____, whereas an aponeurosis is characterized by being_____
cordlike and connects muscles to bones; a broad, fibrous sheet of connective tissue that connects muscles to muscles
Which of the following is not true when comparing red and white muscle types
red muscles have fewer fitochondria then white
Which of the following major events in mucle contraction are stated properly
Actin filaments slide inward along myosin filametns
Motor unit recruitment refers to the fact that some otor neurons can recruti new skeletal muscle fibers with which they connect
Neurotransmitters are stored in vesicles within
motor neuron endings
A skeletal muscle fiber conains many nuclei
The type of muscle found in blood vessels is
Muscle fatigue is most likely due to an accumulation of lactic acid
The very brief moment following contraction when a muscle remains unresponsive to additional stimulation is called the
refractory period
The outermost laer of connective tissue surrounding a skeletal muscle is called the
When a muscle undergoes atrophy in response to disuse
all of the above
The amount of oxygen needed to support the conversion of lactic acid to glycogen is called the
oxygen debt
Cardiac muscle is found in teh wall of the
none fo the above
The muscle tissue that can be consciously controlled is
The striated appearance of skeletal muscle results from the
sarcomere arrangment
Liver cells convert lactic acid to ATP
ATP is related to creatine phosphate by
creatine phosphate supplying energy to regenerate ATP from ADP and phosphate
A motor unit is defined as
a motor neuron and the muscle fibers connected to it
If a muscle contracts and its fibers shorten the ontractionis isometric
Creatine phosphate serves to
supply energy for the synthesis of ATP
During muscle ontraction calcium ions combine with tropomysoin and this exposes active sites for cross-- bridge formation
A muscle cramp is most likely dur to a lack of
A neuromuscular junction can be described as
all of the above
Activities such as swimming and running ar most liely to stimulate development of
slow, red muscle fibers
Myofibrils are composed primarily of
acitn and myosin
Compared to skeletal muscle smooth muscle
contacts more slowly and relaxes more slowly
muscle contracts but does not change length
attachment moves
performing curls
doing a headstand
standing still
anaerobic respiration
fast twitch fibers
most myoglobin
slow twitch fibers
resistant to fatigue
slow twitch fibers
tons of mitochondria
slow twitch fibers
extenisve SR
fast twitch fibers
rich blood supply
slow twitch fiibers
lactic acid build up occurs
fast twitch fibers
white fibers
fast twitch fibers
long distance runners
slow twitch fibers
rapid contractions
fast twitch fibers
citric acid cycle and electron transport chain
occurs in the cytoplasm
makes carbon dioxide water and 34 ATP
oxygen required
amkes pyruvic acid
forms 2 ATP
fast twitch fibers
34 ATP
by product is lactic acid
The meninges consist of
all of the above
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