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a strongly flavored garlic maynnaise from the provence region of southern france
according to the style of 
a la
mixture of different ingredients for preparation of a dish
any small, bite size food served before the meal to wet and excite the palate
a french bread thats been formed into a long, narrow cylindrical loaf. It usually has a crisp...
created at now orlean's brennan's restaurant in the 1950's, this dessert consists of sliced...
banana's foster
serves as a liaison between the front and back of the house
back waiter
the individual responsible for understanding and carrying out espresso service.
a thick, rich soup usually consisting of seafood and cream
a salad consisting of romaine lettuce tossed with garlic vinaigrette, parm. cheese, croutons,...
caesar salad
the waitperson responsible for the service station assisted by a front and back waiter. Also...
this specialty of Gascony, France is derived from an ancient method of preserving meat whrerby...
a general term referring to a thick puree or sauce. The word can also refer to thick, pureed...
The french term for a rich custard cause that can be served hot or cold over cake, fruit, or...
creme anglaise
custard that has been baked in a caramel coated mold. When the chilled custard is turned out...
Creme caramel
this matured, thickened cream has a slightly tangy, nutty flavor and velvety rich texture.
creme fraiche
the french word for "pancake" which is exactly what these light, thin creations are. They can...
means that customers prefer your restaurant to all similar restaurants
customer loyalty
the accumulation of all the moments of truth for a guest from beginning to end of a dining...
cycle of service
du jour
in america the word ______ refers to the main course of a meal. In parts of Europe it refers...
pasta cut into flat narrow (about 3/8 inch) ribbons, also known as tagliatelle
this italian bread begins by being shapped into a large flat round that is liberally brushed...
works the front of the house, interacting with the guests, serves with the back waiter and,...
front waiter
a rich chocolate icing made of semisweet chocolate and whipping cream that are heated and stirred...
means consistently exceeding customers expectations for products and the nature of the service...
high-quality customer service
is how service is performed; it is the feeling that customers take with them
to cut foods into very thin strips
an almond shaped greek olive that reanges in length from about 1/2 to 1 inch. they are dark...
kalamata olive
a small cookie classically made of almond paste or ground almond mixed with sugar and egg whites.
a head waiter or house steward
maitre'd hotel
a compound butter made by blending together softened butter, lemon juice, or vinegar, chopped...
maitre d'hotel butter
a small coin-shaped piece of meat usually beef, veal, or pork
french, a medley or mixture
"any episode in which the customer comes into contact with any aspect of the organization and...
Moment of Truth
A bechamel-based sauce made with cream and crayfish butter and garnished with crayfish tails....
nantua Sauce
A staple of northern italy. A savory cornmeal pudding that can be eaten hot with a little butter...
a delicate dumpling made of seasoned, minced or ground fish, meat, or vegetables bound with...
An italian specialty of little square or round pillows of noodle dough filled with any of various...
a term in italian cookery describing a thin scallop or oval slice of meat usually prepared...
is what restaurants and foodservice employees provide; it is a measure of the efficiency and...
refers to an operations response to a compaint to return to a state of customer satisfaction
service recovery
the french term for a steward or waiter in charge of wine. 
involves recommending additional or different items to a customer. It should maximize the guests...
Suggestive Selling
An appareil of varying ingredients that are cooked and served in a container called a ______....
originally form england, this dessert consists of sponge cake or ladyfingers doused with spirits...

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