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What's John Locke's stance on politics?
He believed in the pursuit of property, that the governments major responsibility was the preservation...
What are some of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
Congress could not regulate tax or trade Congress could not coin money Congress could not...
What is Democracy and what are it's two types?
Democracy is when people gain their power by election
Indirect Democracy is when the...
What is Article One? And what are it's Qualifications?
The Legislative Branch: The Great Compromise
It has a Bicameral Legislature: The House...
What is Section 8 , 9, and 10 of Article One about?
Section 8 is about the powers of commerce where there are 17 powers of Congress listed, Only...
What are the strengths of the Articles?
Congress can now trade as an nation Congress can regulate commerce with foreign nations and...
What is Article Two AND Section 1 of it? What are it's Qualifications?
Strength: Executive Branch where the President of the U.S. has the power: chief executive There's...
What is section  two about in Article Two?
Section one talks about some of the constitutional powers/duties of the president like, being...
What was the Great Compromise?
The Great Compromise was a final decision made by the Constitutionals Convention consisting...
What was the Virginia Plan?
It was written by James Madison. It was the first in the Constitution to be offered in Philadelphia It's...
What was the New Jersey Plan?
It was proposed by small states It's a one-house legislature, one vote for each state A congress...
What was the Three-Fifths Compromise?
It was a compromise that came as a result of the problem of determining state populations so...
What was the Committees of Commerce,1772?
It was suggested by Samuel Adams, and colonists created it so that they could be updated on...
What was the Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts), 1774?
Acts as a result of the Boston Tea Party, that blockaded Boston Harbor preventing Bostonian's...
What was the First Continental Congress, 1774?
56 delegates met in Philadelphia to settle things with the king and on behalf of the intolerable...
What was the Second Continental Congress, 1775?
As a result of King George III refusing to cooperate, the delegates reunited on increased...
What was the Separation of Powers?
A way to divide out power among the three branches of government, the legislative, executive...
What is Article Three? And what is it's Qualifications?
It's the Judiciary Branch where the Supreme Court is Created The only court specifically named...
What is Article Four's two main points?
Full Faith and Credit: States must accept all legal documents from other states...
What is Article Five's Formal Amending Method?
That one house can write an amendment to the Constitution. When 2/3 of each house of congress...
What's the Informal Methods for Amending?
Judicial Interpretation: Includes a series of court cases -Marbury v. Madison...
What is the Article Six's Supremacy Clause?
That the Constitution, all the treaties, and all U.S. law are supreme law of the land
What is Article Seven's Ratification of the Constitution?
That a 3/4 of a state must ratify the Constitution in order for it to become law
How did the Federalist's Papers happen?
Federalists wanted the state of NY to ratify the Constitution, so James Madison got with his...
Who were the Anti-Federalists?
Were against ratifying the Constitution and favored weak national governments and strong state...
How was Finding a Political Ideology?
You had Conservatives who wanted less government and favored local and state actions over federal,...
What are the Four Functions Of Government?
Insuring Domestic Tranquility: protecting against terrorism Common...
What are the Four Political Ideologies?
Explanation: where ideologies can provide an explanation on why social and political...
What was the problem with Ideological Labels?
Those who called themselves conservatives of liberals took opposite sides Libertarians believed...
Define Totalitarian?
A leader with "total" control supported by his military
What did Thomas Hobbes write and what was did it state?
Leviathan,and it stated that we, the people give the leaders the consent to govern

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