Amendments 13-26

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What is the 13th amendment and what year did it go into affect?
1865- Abolition
What year did the 14th amendment go into affect?
What was the 14th amendment?
 1. African american citizenship      2. Equal protection clause...
What year did the 15th amendment go into affect?
what is the 15th amendment?
African american male sufferage
What were literacy tests?
people had to read and interpret parts of the constitution. It prevented african american males...
What are 4 ways that the southern states prevented african american males from voting?
lynchings(hangings), litercay tests, poll taxes, and polling places were far from african american...
what is the 17th amendment?
direct election of senators (1913)
whats the 19th amendment? What year was it put into affect?
womans sufferage 1920
what is the 23 amendment?
washington d.c has 3 electoral votes
what is the 24 amendment?
banned poll taxes
whats year was the 26 amendment put into affect?
what is the 26 amendment?
lowered the voting age from 21 to 18
when were these amendments made
after the civil war
what does de jure mean?
descrimination by law
what does de facto mean?
discrimimation by custom

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