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Which vehicles may be equipped with a combination of flashing red and white lights?
Ambulances and fire trucks
Under icy road conditions, in general, most collisions are caused by:
Sudden changes in speed or direction
When there is a solid white line to the left of your vehicle, it means?
you cant pass and vehicles are travelling in the same directions.
Signal, pull over to the far right, stay near your vehicle in a safe place and raise the hood.
You cannot stop within the distance that you can see
When you are to take the next exit on a highway, the correct procedure is to:
Signal, move in to the exit lane, slow down
You are required by law to notify Alberta registries of any address/name change when?
How many demerit points will be recorded against your license for failing to stop for a school...
6 points
The law requires that the wheels of the parked vehicle are within what maxiumum distance from...
50 cm
How much minimum insurance is required for third party liability?
You are required to report all collisions to the police where the overall damage exceeds:
As a learner with a Class 7 license, you are not permitted to drive a car between the hours...
midnight to 5:00am
When you are preparing to make a right turn, you should shoulder check to :
Make sure another vehicle is not beside you.
do not park your vehicle withion how many  metres of access to a garage private roadway...
1.5 metres
A 'bus' is defined as a motor vehicle that is designed to have a seating capacity of more than:

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