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What is the maximum speed on a school zone
What is the maximum speed on a residential and business streets
What is the maximum speed in cities and villages
what is the maximum speed on highway or freeways in Wisconsin
What is the maximum speed in rural interstate highways
Safety belts can trap inside of a car True or false
False-it takes less than a second to undo a safety belt
True or False-Safety belts are good on long trips but I don't need them if I am driving around...
False-many trafic accident happen within 25 miles away from home
How far should you stop from a school bus when it's red lights are flashing?
Min. of 20 feet
True/False You have to stop if the school bus is on the other side of a median
What sign is red and has white letters and has eight sides
Stop Sign
You may not make a U-turn when in mid-block in a business district.
You can make a U-turn even if posted no U-turn, if there is not other traffic.
You can not make a U-turn in any intersection where a traffic light or pokice officer is controlling...
At an intersection where there are not signs or traffic lights, you must yield to vehicles...
at a four way stop,the driver reaching the intersection waits for the driver to the right to...
false, the first person to the intersection goes first. if they get at the interscetion at...
you may yield when necessary to advoid striking pedestrians who are crossing the road (T or...
false, you must yield
pedestrains using a guied dog or carrying a white cane have absolute right of way (T or F)
when a drver wants to turn left, which direction must the driver yeild to?
the driver must yield to vehicles approaching from the opposite direction
What sign is yellow and has a deer on it?
Deer Crossing
If you would hit a deer do you have the rights to keep it. (T or F)
At low speed I can brace myself.
False (Even st 25 mph, the force of a head-on crash is the same as pedaling a bike full speed...
You can turn on a flashing red light?
A red flashing light means the same as a stop sign. You must come to a complete stop and then...
What color are most warning signs
You may obtain a Wisconsin Class D driver license if you are at least _________ years old.
You have to successfully complete an approved driver education course if you are under age...
You may obtain a Wisconsin Class D driver license if you turn in amy driver license issued...
In order to keep your driver license, you must drive safek=ly at all times. You can lose your...
Aconviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
You can lose your license for:
Refusing to be tested for alcohol or drugs if you are asked to do so by a police officer.
You can lose your license for:
Leaving the scene of an accident in which you are involved, without identifying yourself.
You can lose your drivers license for:
Failing to notify the DMV of a reportable crash in which you are involved.

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