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D-level 2005 - Horse Sports & Gaits

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Which gait has 3 beats?
The canter.
Eventing Rally - How many riders make up a team?
3 to 4 riders plus a horse manager (HM). Teams with 3 riders and an HM are called "short" teams.
Eventing: Clothing What color gloves are required for the cross country endurance test?
They may be any color.
Name 3 ways that you may be eliminated from an eventing competition.
1. Competing with improper saddlery. 2. Error of course not rectified. 3.Omission of obstacle...
Name the horse sports of USPC.
Eventing, Dressage, Games, Polocrosse and Tetrathon.
What are the 3 phases of an eventing rally?
Dressage, Cross Country, Show Jumping.
How much time does a rider have to enter the ring after the bell rings in a dressage event?
45 seconds
Are competitors penalized for going under the optimim time in a cross country event?
No. However, the amount of time differential from the optimum may be used as a tiebreaker.
Is a rider penalized for dismounting while on a cross country course, but not while attempting...
Who comprises a typical dressage rally team?
4 competitors and a horse manager.
Is a dressage saddle required for D-level dressage competitions?
True or False: (For dressage competitions) Dropped, flash, crescent and crossed nosebands...
True or False: (For dressage competitions) Dropped, flash, crescent and crossed nosebands...
Name the events of the tetrathlon.
Show jumping, swimming, cross country running and shooting.
How many people are on a polocrosse team?
Three. A midfielder, a defense and a horse manager.
What are the dimensions of the polocrosse racket?
The racket may be any length, but the basket must be 7" or less in length.
Fox hunting: What are colors?
The distinctive colors that distinguish the uniform of one hunt from another.
Fox Hunting: What is a covert? (pronounced Cover)
A patch of woods or brush where a fox might be found.
Fox hunting: What does "cry" mean. As in "The pack, in full cry..."
The sounds given by hounds when hunting. (Barking, etc.)
Fox hunting: What is a brush?
A fox's tail.
Fox Hunting Terms: What is to draw a blank?
Fail to find a fox.
Fox Hunting Terms: Earth
Any place where a fox goes to ground for protection, but usually a place where foxes live regularly...
Fox Hunting Terms: Huntsman.
The man who controls hounds in the field.
Fox Hunting Terms: Line
The trail of the fox.
Fox Hunting Terms: Master (MFH)
The person in command of the hunt in field and kennels.
Fox Hunting Terms: What is View Halloa?
The cry given by a staff member on viewing a fox.
Fox Hunting Terms: When you hear: "Hold hard" what should you do?
Stop. Do not move.
Fox Hunting Terms: What is a whipper-in?
A staff member who assists the huntsmad in the control of the hounds.
Fox Hunting Terms: What is a "check"?
An interruption of the run caused by hounds losing the line (the trail of the fox).
What are the symptoms of serious colic?
1. Lying down.2. Rolling 3. Looks anxious 4. Pawing 5. Kicking at belly 6. Sweating 7. HIgh...
What are the early symptoms of colic?
1. Curled upper lip 2. Doesn't eat or move 3. Looks at barrel 4. Pawing 5. Stretching out...
Name 4 causes of colic.
Overeating Bad/spoiled food Sudden diet changes Hard work after eating Cold water when...
Name 4 types of colic.
1. Spasmodic - cramps in bowel 2. Flatulent (gas) - built up gas in the intestine 3. Impaction...
Feed: What are 2 signs of bad hay?
1. Has mold. 2. Is brown.
Feed: What are the signs of good hay?
1. Smells sweet 2. Has no mold
Which color jackets are proper for both formal and informal events?
Navy and charcoal gray.
What are pincers (shoepullers)?
Specially shaped pliers used to pry off shoes and remove nails.
Describe hoof trimmers (nippers).
Shaped like pincers, they have sharpened edges to nip off excess hoofwall.
What is a hoof or drawing knife?
A sharp, hook-shaped knife used to pare away excess sole to to trim the frog.
Name the symptoms of tetnus.
Horse is tense or jumpy. Cannot eat or drink normally. Exhibits stiffness. Third eyelid...
What are the symptoms of strangles (distemper).
Loss of appetite. Sore throat. Fever. Runny nose w/white or yellow mucus. Swollen lymph...
What are the symptoms of rhinopneumonitis?
Coughing. Runny nose. Fever. Sometimes swollen glands. Aborton. Sneezing. Similar to...
What are the symptoms of influenza (flu)?
Depression. Loss of appetite. Fever. Runny nose w/white mucus. Cough - may be prolonged.
What are the symptoms of equine encephalomyelitis (sleeping sickingess)?
Start with fever & excitability. Later, depression, drowsiness. Walking in circles, standing...
What is laminitis and its causes?
Inflammation of the laminae due to toxins in the blood stream damaging circulation to the feet....

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