Final Review Ch. 18

Final Review Ch. 18

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Which of the following pairs of substances are miscible? a. water and ethanol b. water and...
a.water and ethanol
Holding the temperature constant while adding more solute to a solution that already has solute...
more solute crystals to appear at the bottom of the container
If the pressure of a gas above a liquid is increased (at constant temperature), the solubility...
How does solubility generally vary as the temperature increases?
Solubility increases
A dilute solution is one in which there is a ___ amount of solute in a _____ amount of solvent.
small, large
If a crystal added to an aqueous solution causes many particles to come out of solution, the...
Increasing the temperature of a solution will generally ____ and ______.
Increase the rate at which a solute dissolves and increase the amount of solute that dissolves
In a concentrated solution there is _____.
a large amount of solute
What DOES NOT change when a solution is diluted by the addition of solvent?
number of moles in solution
Which of the following is NOT a colligative property of a solution? a. its molarity decreases b....
b. supersaturation
Colligative properties depend upon_____.
the number of particles dissolved in a given mass of solvent.
Why does solute depress the freezing point?
because the solute dirupts crystal formation by the solvent.

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