Canterbury Tales - The Prologue

Canterbury Tales - The Prologue This List Of Words Is From "The Prologue" Of The Canterbury Tales. There Are 20 Words From The McDougall Littell Textbook.
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1. accrue –
v. to come as gain; accumulate
2. agility –
n. an ability to move quickly and easily; nimbleness
3. defer –
v. to postpone
4. diligent –
adj. painstaking; hard-working (diligence; diligently)
5. disdain –
n. a show of contempt; scorn
6. dispatch –
n. promptness; efficiency
7. eminent –
adj. standing out above others; high-ranking; prominent
8. frugal –
adj. careful with money; thrifty
9. malady –
n. a disease or disorder; ailment
10. mode –
n. a current fashion or style
11. personable –
adj. pleasing in behavior and appearance
12. repine –
v. to complain; fret
13. sedate –
adj. a composed dignified manner; calm (sedately; sedative)
14. wield –
v. to handle skillfully
15. sundry –
adj. various
16. verity –
n. truth (verily; veritable; aver; verify)
17. duress –
n. compulsion by means of threats
18. secular –
adj. outside the church; non-religious
19. tempest –
n. violent storm
20. superfluous –
adj. excess; more than is needed (superfluity)
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