4th Grade Science - Chapter 4 Changes In Ecosystems

Book: Science By Scott Foresman\nChanges In Ecosystems\nVocabulary And Test Review
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What are 3 key things about Ecosystems?
They are healthy when their parts are in balance. All living things are interrelated - what...
What happens when the number of organisims in a population increases?
All of the other living things population in the ecosystem will increase.
What are two things that might prevent a plant population from growing in size?
There are too many plant eating animals in the ecosystem. There hasn't been enough rain...
When two or more species must use the same limited resources.
What are two behaviors that help animals avoid or reduce competition?
Living in groups Hunting in the morning or evening. Two different organisms live together...
The organism in a relationship that is helped by the other.
The organism in a relationship that is harmed by the other.
What might happen to a parasite if its host were to die?
The parasite may die because it does not have any food from the host.
Gradual Change from one community of organisms to another.
Give an example of succession. 
Usually occurs in stages. Example: Bare land becomes grassland, grassland becomes shrubs,...
When a species dies out and is gone forever.
What are 3 reasons that an animal may become extinct?
Changes in the earth's environment: Climate changes volcanoes hurricanes meteors, habitat...
Endangered Species
Populations of a species that have been reduced so much that they are in danger of becoming...
Can endangered and threatened species sometimes lave an area to search for a more suitable...
What are some examples where rapid change can help an ecosystem?
A forest fire - clears away dead plant matter and assists trees to creat a new forest by forcing...
Name two processes that change an environment over a very long period of time.
Erosion Forest regrowth canyons being created lakes being created
Name two processes that change an environment rapidly.
Forest Fires Hurricanes Floods Volcanic Eruptions
What are some of the examples of ways that people disturb the balance in the ecosystem?
Cutting down trees to make houses and paper. Clearing prairies to plant crops or build roads. Polluting...
What are some examples of air pollution?
Automobile fumes Large factories that produce smoke Chemicals that farmers spray on their fields.
What are some examples of water pollution?
Chemicals that get into the rivers, lakes and oceans. Sewage Oil Spills
Hazardous Waste
Substances that are harmful to humans and other organisms.

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