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3d152 CDC's URE Questions From Set 2 Volume 2
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What happens when more bits are added to a digital signal arranged in a sequence understood...
A code set is established
How many possible symbols can 4 bits represent?
In networking, a byte is defined as a/an
What organization sets important computer networking wiring standards for residential...
Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
What Electronic Industry Alliance (EIA)/ Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) format...
Which of the following is an International Telecommunications union (ITU) standardized format...
There is world wide nonprofit association of technical professionals that promotes...
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE)
A collection of standards for local area network (LAN) architectures, protocols, and technologies...
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers(IEEE)
The parent organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, for all other telecommunications...
International Telecommunications Union(ITU)
What organization is responsible for the X-series and V-series standards?
International Telecommunications Union Telecommunications Standardization Sector(ITU-T)
Which series of standards are recommended for data transmission using the telephone network
The definition of Open System Interconnect(OSI) reference model was a major contribution to...
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Within how many feet of the data communications equipment (DCE) connection does the Electronics...
Which Electronics Industries Alliance(EIA) interface standard has the ability to work in either...
What transmission rates does Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) RS-530 accommodate?
20 Kbps to 2 megabits per second(Mbps)
What two sublayers did the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) divide...
Logical Link Control(LLC) and Media Access Control(MAC)
At what OSI layer are common data compression and encryption schemes used?
What OSI layer is closest to the end user?
In the OSI model, a layer will communicate with three other OSI layers. Which is not one of...
Lowest layer
Which information unit, whose source and destination are network-layer entities , uses connectionless...
What data communications protocol is used to govern the flow and format of information between...
In binary-synchronous protocol, what character is used to establish and maintain character...
What data communication protocol is based on bits and the position of the bits?
What data communications protocol ensures that the receiving station can distinguish information...
High-Level Data Link Control(HDLC)
A group of computers and associated devices that share a common communications line within...
Local Area Network(LAN)
The interconnection of several networks in a city into a single larger network is a
Metropolitan Area Network(MAN)
What types of network connects networks that are typically separated by geographical...
Wide Area Network (WAN)
What type of network enables a group of two or more computer systems to communicate...
Virtual Private Network(VPN)
Which type of network enables users to share resources, files and printers in a decentralized...
peer-to-peer (P2P)
What Network layer protocol provides information about how and where data should be delivered,...
Internet Protocol(IP)
Which network layer protocol matches a known IP address for a destination device...
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
Which network layer protocol provides the IP address for a device that knows its own MAC address?
Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)
Which transport layer protocol does not guarantee that packets will be received at...
User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
Which application layer protocol is used to send and receive files by way of TCP/IP?
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Which protocol is simpler than FTP when transferring files between computers?
Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
Which application layer protocol is a terminal emulation being used to log on to remote hosts?
Teletype Network
Which Application layer protocol is an automated means of assigning a unique IP address to...
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Which application layer protocol is a utility that can verify that TCP/IP is installed and...
The physical address of any device on the network is a/an
MAC address
What are the two parts to an IPv4 address?
Class and host
What is used on a TCP/IP network to determine which network a computer is on?
Subnet mask
How many subnet bits are required to support 90 subnets on a class B network?
How many bits are available for host bits on a class B network using 7 bits?
What is not a recommendation for planning networks using variable length subnet masking (VLSM)?
Re-addressing the entire network
What mechanism allows for easier IPv6 address allocations?
Auto configuration
Which one of the following is not an IPv6 transition approach?
Auto configuration
Which IPv6 tunneling approach attempts to solve the issue of IPv6 to IPv4, IP protocol 41 issue?
Teredo has four tunneling components. Which one is not one of them?
Teredo Agent
The combination transmitter/receiver device, in a single package, is called a
What device provides the physical, electrical, and electronic connections to the network media?
Network interface card (NIC)
What layers of the OSI model do network interface cards (NIC) belong?
Physical and Data Link layers
A repeater with more than one output port is a 
What can be used to extend the size of a network?
Active hubs
What device subdivides a network into smaller logical pieces, or segments?
The time it takes a switch to figure out where to forward a data unit is called
Which device has multiport connectivity that directs data between nodes on a network?
A router's strength is ists
What is the oldest routing protocol
Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
Which routing protocol does internet backbones use?
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
What type of gateway can restrict the kind of access local area network (LAN) users have to...
What type of gateway might include remote access servers that allow dial-up connectivity to...
Virtual private network (VPN) allow the AF to extend network resources across a/an
Wide area network
Which of the following is not a function that a VPN concentrator performs?
Manages data transfer across the tunnel
What cable discrepancies can a Time-domain reflectometer (TDR) detect?
Kinks, opens, and corroded connectors
What type of cable property changes does a TDR detect to identify problems?
When using and optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR), what action is suggested by most manufacturers...
Connect a launch cable between the test set and the cable being tested
A cable scanner wire-map display identifies crossover and straight-through cables by 
providing wiring maps at both ends of the cable
What test equipment has the capability of diagnosing digital network and developing communications...
Protocol Analyzer
Which component of a protocol analyzer discards frames based on its definition or activates
What components of a protocol analyzer processes the frames based on the selected test and...
Central Processing Units (CPU)
What protocol analyzer feature automatically runs in the background when the protocol analyzer...
Node discovery
What protocol analyzer utility is used to determine if a network node is connected or responding?
What protocol analyzer utility is used to see the path that packets are traveling and the time...
Trace Route
A Management Information Base (MIB) can be identified by either its object name or its object...
A Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) has three components: a managed device, an agent,...
Network Management System (NMS)
Which of the following is not a basic SNMP command?
Which network management function provides the capability to initialize, operate shut down...
Which network management functions obtains the utilization and error rates of network devices...
The community name that is used with the NMS authenticates
A SNMP request
What defines the format and type of data in a NMS report?
Report template
What process provides the overall process to secure and protect our information networks?
Barrier Reef
What defines traffic flow and is a basic protection mechanism on routers?
Access lists
The World Wide Web (WWW) proxy provides three benefits: it conceals the internal network configuration,...
Allows web pages to download in a considerably less time
What is one of the primary functions of the Network Control Center (NCC), usually done in real...
System monitoring
What security posture permits everything that is not specifically blocked?
Default allow
What security posture prevents everything that is not specifically authorized?
Default deny
What is the first line of defense when gaining access to a laptop computer's operating system?
Physical security
Who has unrestricted access to system commands and data?
What must be employed to ensure data integrity?
What method is approved for changing passwords through the use of remote access?
Strongly encrypted VPN
An intrusion detection system (IDS) may miss attacks that bypass the firewall like application-based...
What type of firewall can filter messages according to a set of rules for a specific application?
Packet filtering
What are the two vulnerability scanner examination techniques?
Passive and active

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