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Hair shaft
the part of a hair projecting beyond the skin
Sweat pore
The surface opening of the duct of a sweat gland.
Dermal Papillae
The superficial projections of the dermis (corium) that interdigitate...
Meissen’s corpuscle
One of numerous oval bodies found in the papillae of the skin, especially...
Free nerve ending
A form of peripheral ending of sensory nerve fibers in which the...
Reticular layer of the dermis
the deeper layer of the dermis formed of interlacing fascicule of white fibrous tissue
Sebaceous gland
A normal gland of the skin which empties an oily secretion...
Arrestor Pile Muscle
Bundles of smooth muscle fibers, attached to the deep part...
Sensory Nerve Fiber
A nerve fiber that carries impulses toward the central nervous...
Eccrine sweat gland
Any of the numerous small, tubular glands that are found nearly everywhere in the skin of humans...
Pacinian corpuscle
Rapidly adapting mechanoreceptors found in subcutaneous tissue beneath both hairy...
Any blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart. Arteries have...
Blood vessel that returns blood from the microvasculature to the heart,...
Adipose Tissue
Connective tissue that has been specialized to store fat.
Root Hair Plexus
an elongated tubular extension of an epidermal cell of a root, serving to absorb water and...
Hair Follicle
a small cavity in the epidermis and corium of the skin, from which a hair develops.
Hair Root
The part of a hair that is embedded in a hair follicle.
a tissue or layer of cells beneath the epidermis.
a combining form meaning “skin,” “layer of tissue,” used in the formation of compound...
the outer, nonvascular, nonsensitive layer of the skin, covering the true skin or corium.
Stratum corneum
The horny outer layer of the epidermis, consisting mainly of dead or peeling cells.
Stratum lucidum
a thin somewhat translucent layer of cells lying superficial to the stratum granulosum and...
Stratum granulosum
a layer of granular cells lying immediately above the stratum germinativum in most parts of...
Stratum spinosum
the layers of prickle cells over the layer of the stratum germinativum capable of undergoing...
Stratum basale
the layer of stratum germinativum especially in the endometrium that undergoes mitotic division

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