Safety Symbols

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Electric Shock: Advoid the possibility of electric shock. Never use electrical equipment arond water, or when the equipment is wet or your hands are wet. Be sure cords are untangled and cannot trip anyone. Disconnect the equipment when it is not in use.
safety symbol
Animal Safety: treat live animals with careto advoid harming the animals or yourself. Working with animal parts or preserved animals also requires caution. Wash your hands when you are finished with the activity.
safety symbol
Plant Safety: handle plants in the laboratory or during field work only as directed by the teacher.if you are allergic to certain plants, tell the teacher before doing an activity in which those plants are used. Advoid touching harmful plants such as poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac, or plants with thorns. wash your hands when you are finished with the activity.
What is the use of a water test kit?

test water quality

what is the use or a cover slip?
used on a microscope slide to place over contents that are being viewed.