Psychology chapter 7

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1. congnition is a synonym for thinking
2. When you took your college entrance exam, students across the country took the same test at the same time with the same insturctions. Whar characteristic of a good psychological test do these similarites reflect? standardization
3. What number reflects the amount of differences in a population attribtable to genetic influences? heritability
4. The individual test most often given to adults is the the WAIS-III
5. What is one criticism of the conslusions offered by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray in the Bell Curve? They failed to distinguish between correlation and causation
6. According to the Atkinson and Shiffrin model of memory, what happens when we actively think about something that we have previously learned? The memory is recalled from LTM and is placed in STM
7. What are the metal categories representing activites, objects, qualities or situations that share some common charactieristics? Concepts
8. Psychological tests that yeild relativily consisten results are said to be reliable
9. Ted and Jessica's son was recently diagnosed as mentally retarded. What is his likely deree of retardation? Mild
10. Which of the following questions would be more likely to produce divergent thinking? "How many uses can you think of for a stapler?"
11. A form of intelligence that refers to how effectibely people perceive and understand their own feelings and the feelings of otthers, is ______ intelligence. emotional
12. On MOnday, Sal took a test developed to measre levels of sensation seeking and obtained a score of 13; he took the same test one week later and obtained the same score. Based on this information, you can most accurately conclude that the testis likely to be reliable
13. The Biney and Simon intelligence test measured children on what new concept? mental age
14. What problem-solving stratefies dont guarantee solutions but make efficien use of time? heuristics
15. Which of these might be an examle of a performace item on the Wechsler tests of intelligence? using blocks to make a design like the one shown in a picture
16. Sally is enrolled in a high school geomety course, which she describes as "drawing figures and figuring drawins." In a typical class, students draw geometric figures and use a formula to calculate an aspect of the figure such as its area. Each time Sally uses a formula she is making use of what psychologists. call_____ algorithms
17. What was the original purpose of the first wel established test of intelligence? to select those children who could benefit from classes for slow learners
18. Geoffrey has a Stanford-Binet IQ score of 60 and deficits in adaptive behaior. He is likely to be considered _____. mildly retarded
19. The theory of multiple intelligences was proposed by ____. Gardner
20. Charles Spearman believed that intelligence is comosed of general intelligence and specific abilites
21. Laboratory experiments suggest that animals have____ some cognitive capacites
22. Which of these is one of Howard Gardners's multiple intelligences? naturalistic
23. Which of these is one of Howard Gardners multiple Intelligences naturalistic
24. Creativity is the ablitiy to ____ produce novel or unique ideas or objects
25. A valid test is one that ---- actually measures what it sets out to measure
26. ___ percent of the population has IQ scores btw 70-130 95
27. Profixes, suffixes and words are examples or morephemes
28. a pscholigical test that measures what we intend it to measure is said to be valid
29. A committe has been set up to identify young ppl who are likely to become great Olympics skaters, In addition to physical skills, the committee believes that an understanding of one;s emotions is a plus because it will help the skaters through training and competitions. Using Howard Gardner's types of intelligences, whcih two should be the focus of their search. bodily kinesthetic and intrapersonal
30. The basic sound units of any languages are called phonemes
31. Which of these might be an example of a performace item on the Wechsler tests of intelligence? using blocks to make shaps that one is shown
32. A seemingly arbitrary flash out of the blue, through which the solution to a problem suddently becomes aarent to you but you do not consiously know how you firgured it our is called insights
33. What number reflects the amount of differences in a population attributable to getetic influences? heritablity
34. What is one criticism of the conclusion offerend by Richard Hernstein and Charles Murray in the Bell Curve" they failed to distinguish between correlation and causation
35. the system of rules that governs how we assign meaning to the morphemes we use is called semantics
36. The concept of generalized intelligence is largely based on the theories of Spearman
37. The Binet-Simon scale was originally developed to identify children who might have difficulty in school
38. The ability to produce work that is both novel and appropriate is called creativity
39. What term do psychologists use to describe our tendenct to search for evidence that supports our belief and to ignore evidence that might disprove it? confirmation bias
40. the sounds of t th and sh are phonemes