Physics set #1

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1. Your pet hamster sits on a record player whose angular speed is constant. If he moves to a point twice as far from the center, then his linear speed DOUBLES
2. Which moves faster in m/s on a merry-go-around: a horse on the inside or a horse on the outside near the outer rail? OUTSIDE HORSE
3. If a turntable rotational speed is doubled, then the linear speed of a pet hamster sitting on the edge of the record will DOUBLE
4. Suppose the circumference of a bicycle wheel is 2 meters. If it rotates at 1 revolution per second when you are riding the bicycle, then your speed will be 2 M/S
5. An industrial flywheel has a greater rotational inertia when most of its mass is NEAREST THE RIM
6. A coin and a ring of equal masses and equal diameters roll down an incline, starting from rest at the same time. The one to reach the bottom first will be COIN
7. A torque acting on an object tends to produce ROTATION
8. On a balanced seesaw, a boy three times as heavy as his partner sits: 1/3 THE DISTANCE FROM THE FULCRUM
9. Put a pipe over the end of a wrench when trying to turn a stubborn nut on a bolt, to effectively make the wrench handle twice as long, you will multiply the torque by TWO
10. A leaning tower of Pisa doesn't topple over because its center of gravity is ABOVE THE PLACE OF SUPPORT
11. A chef at a pizzeria tosses a spinning disk of unbaked pizza dough into the air. The disk dismeter increases during the flight, while its rotational speed DECREASES
12. Centrifugal forces are an apparent reality to observers in a reference frame that is ROTATING
13. A person weighs less at the equator than at the poles. The main reason for this has to do with THE SPIN OF THE EARTH
14. When a twirling ice skater brings her arms inward, her rotational speed INCREASES
15. Consider a rotating donut-shaped space habitat, where living quarters are on the inside surface fartherst from the axis of rotation. If the rotational speed of the habitat increases, the apparent weight of people inside INCREASES
16. The center of gravity of a circular disk of sheet metal is located AT THE CENTER OF THE DISK
17. A carnival has a Ferris wheel where the seats are located halfway between the center and the outside rim. If you were sitting not in a seat but on the outside rim, your angular speed while riding on this Ferris wheel would be THE SAME AS WHEN YOU WERE RIDING IN THE SEAT
18. For a system in mechanical equilibrium, the resultant TORQUE AND FORCE MUST BE ZERO
19. A ball rolls down a hill mainly because of AN UNBALANCED TORQUE
20. A car travels in a circle at a constant speed. The net force on the car is DIRECTED TOWARDS THE CENTER OF THE CAR
21. A huge rotating cloud of particles in space gravitate together to form an increasingly dense ball of particles. As the cloud shrinks in size, it ROTATES FASTER
22. If the polar icecaps melted, the resulting water would spread over the entire Earth. This new mass distribution would tend to make the length of the day LONGER
23. Suppose you are at the center of a large freely-rotating horizontal turntable in a carnival funhouse. As you crawl towards the edge, the angular momentum of you and the turntable STAYS THE SAME
24. As a rotating ice skater stretches out his arms HIS ROTATIONAL INERTIA INCREASES
25. Suppose you put very large-diameter tires on your car. Then, your speedometer will show a speed that is LOWER THAN YOUR ACTUAL SPEED