Music Lit Final Part 1

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1. the term "dark ages" refers to the time: between 500& 1000 c.e.
2. in sonata-allegro form, the contrasting key is established by the statement of: the second theme.
3. in the 19th century saw the rise of a new social order shaped by: the technological advances of the industrial revolution
4. the post-romantic era lasted from approx: 1890-1910
5. the frankish emperor who encouraged education & the concept of a centralized government was: Charlemagne
6. mozart is remembered today as : the most gifted child prodigy in the history of music
7. in the romantic era skilled musicians were trained at: conservatories
8. in the movement that, along with post-romanticism, ushered in the 20th century was known as: impressionism
9. the most important patron of music in the middle ages was: the roman catholic church
10. of the following which characterizes Maria Theresa Paradis? -a. women virtuoso piano -b. friend of Mozart -c. blind since birth, -d. all of the above All of the above
11. during the 19th century, concert life began to center in the public concert hall
12. _____ was a post-romantic composer known for his symphonic poems & operas such as RIchard Strauss
13. the high middle ages witnessed: building of great cathedrals, founding universities, & the rise of the bourgeoisie
14. using material from an earlier movement in each subsequent movement of a symphony is called : cyclical form
15. what trend inspired composers to write music evoking scenes or sounds of far off lands exoticism
16. in which of the following movements if gustav mahler most closely associated? post-romantic
17. early notation suggested melodic contours using small ascending & descending signs called: Neumes
18. which composer established the scherzo was a regular alternative to the minuet movement? Beethoven
19. of the following, which does NOT describe romantic orchestral music? -works were linked to nationalism, - music established connections to paintings and drama - new genres emerged some of which incorporated voices - composers produced more symphonies than their classical-era counterpoints. Composers produced more symphonies than their classical counterpoints.
20. impressionism is music is best exemplified by the works of : Claude Debussy
21. the portion of the mass that changes from day to day, dependent on the feast celebrated is called the Proper
22. haydn enjoyed phenomenal musical success with two trips to which country: England
23. the leipzig conservatory was founded by: Felix Mendelssohn
24. which of the following was NOT characteristic of Impressionist music? -whole-tone scales, -parallel chords, - ninth chords, - accents on the first beat of each measure Accents on the first beat of each measure
25. which of the following women was not only a religious leader but also a prominent figure in literature & music Hildegard of Bingen
26. mozart's compositions were often listed by their K numbers which refer to: the man who first catalogued his works.
27. of the following who is a noted woman composer of the romantic era: Amy Cheney Beach
28. what is unusual about the opening of debussy's Prelude to the afternoon of a faun? it opens w/a flute solo in the velvety lower register.
29. in what part of the liturgy does the Alleluia occur? Mass Proper
30. in the classical orchestra, which group of instruments served as the ensemble's nucleus? strings
31. a german texted song with piano accompaniment that sets a short lyric poem is called: A lied
32. debussy was highly influenced by the sounds of the gamelan from: Java
33. the musical texture that arose around 1000 c.e. towards the end of the Romanesque period was polyphony
34. which of the following is common characteristic of the second movement of a multi-movement cycle? -new key, - theme & variations form, - a slow tempo - all of the above all of the above
35. ___ was NOT an important composer of the 19th century lieder? -heine - schumann -brahmns -schubert Heine
36. in which early 20th century style dealt with the realm of the unconscious, distorted images, and the innner self. expressionism
37. which was NOT a function of secular music in medieval court life? -accompaniment for dancing & banquets -ceremonial occasions & tournaments -devotional services -military music Devotional services
38. a typical feature of a concerto is a free solo passage without orchestral accompaniment is called? Cadenza
39. which was NOT a typical theme of the Romantic Lied?-beauty of nature -love & longing -praise of the Virgin Mary -fleeting nature of human happiness praise of the Virgin Mary
40. the early 20th century style that sought to revive certain principles & forms of earlier music neoclassicism
41. according to your test, which of the following would NOT be a common subject of troubadour & trouvere songs? -love -work -war -laments Work
42. Name the masters of the first Viennese School. Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven. (HEY MARISSA STUPID BITCH)
43. the favorite romantic poets for the composers of lieder were Goethe & heine
44. which of the following composers would NOT have been emulated during the neoclassical era?-vivialdi -bach -wagner -handel Wagner
45. the outstanding composer-poet of the french Ars Nova was Machaut
46. beethoven's own instrument for which he wrote numerous concertos & sonatas was the piano
47. schubert lived a tradigical short life but was a remarkable prolific composer of: -lieder -chamber music -piano music -all of the above All of the above
48. which of the following genres was NOT favored by the neoclassicists of the early 20th century symphonic poem
49. the french courtly love song of the middle ages was called the chanson
50. mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik is an example of a serenade
51. which is true of schubert's erlking? -masterpiece of his youth -based on the legend that whoever is touched by the king of elves must die -it presents 4 characters who are differentiated in the music -all of the above all of the above
52. composers introduced new harmonic styles in the 20th century including -atonality, -polytonality -12-tone music -all of the above all of the above
53. italian explorer who traveld to china in the 13th century was marco polo
54. which western orchestral instrument or instruments derive from turkish military bands triangle, cymbals, bass drum
55. the composer who founded the new journal for music was schumann
56. the melody in 12 tone music is called a tone row
57. medieval instruments can be divided in bas & haut meaning soft & loud
58. the most important instrumental genre of the classical period was the symphony
59. schumann's in the lovely month of may is from which song cycle A poet's love
60. what was the name of the paris-based russian ballet impresario who commissioned stravinksy to write ballets Diaghilev
61. which historical event did NOT take place in the renaissance -discovery of the new world -introduction of printing in the west -writing of the magna carta -protestant reformation writing of the magna carta
62. the dreamy first movement of the moonlight sonata features -singing melody -accompaniment with arpeggios -strophic-like form -all of the above all of the above
63. which of the following was NOT a technical improvement in the 19th century piano? -it was made louder -range was expanded -second keyboard was added -was given an improved mechanical action second keyboard was added
64. which of the following is NOT ballet by stravinksy -daphnis et chloe -the firebird -petrushka -rite of spring Daphnis et Chloe
65. renaissance musicians could make their living in all of the following ways EXCEPT: -as choirmasters, singers, & organists -instrument builders or players -music printers & publishers -professional orchestral conductors as professional orchestral conductors
66. how did comic opera differ from opera seria? -it presented down-to-earth- plots -it featured ensemble as well as solo singing -it was sung in the vernacular -all of the above all of the above
67. a short lyric piece was the instrumental equivalent of the song
68. the rite of spring is characterized by -percussive use of dissonance -polyrhythms -polytonality -all of the above all of the above
69. the fixed melody used as a basis for elaborate polyphonic writing in the renaissance was called a cantus firmus
70. who was haydn's principal patron? prince esterhazy
71. 19th century composers of the short lyric piano piece included -brahms -r. schumann -chopin -all of the above all of the above. think acronym silly clara lee makes big farts really colorful -schubert chopin liszt mendensohn brahms fanny robert clara schumann
72. alban berg & anton webern were disciples of : arnold schoenberg
73. movements of the ordinary mass?? Kyrie Gloria Credo Sanctus Agnus Dei - acronym Kyle gave carlie some apple dumplings
74. the system in which the aristocracy sponsored musicians is called patronage
75. chopin is considered to be the national composer of poland
76. the 12 tone method revolutionized composition in the 20th century
77. what is a cantus firmus fragment of georgian chant used as the foundation of a polyphonic mass
78. in the classical multi-movement cycle, which movement was most commonlu in a contrasting key from the other three? second
79. which was NOT a genre of music by Chopin? -nocturnes -polonaises -ballades -symphonies Symphonies
80. schoenberg created a newt style in which vocal melodies were spoken rather than sung with exact pitches & rhythms. this was known as sprechstimme
81. josquin's ave maria...virgo serena is an example of a motet
82. the typical first movement of a classical concerto begins with the orchestra
83. which of the following does NOT characterize the music of Chopin? -rubato -virtuosity -reserved emotions -lyricism Reserved emotions
84. what accompanies the voice in pierrot lunaire chamber group
85. which composer responded to the reforms of the council of trent in exemplary fashion? palestrina
86. the early classical symphony was characterized by quickly ascending themes with a strong rhythmic drive. these were known as rocket themes
87. the term temp rubato associated with chopin's music means that the performer should take liberties with the tempo
88. schoenberg experimented with the idea of tone-color melody, or shifting each note of a melody to a different instrument. he called this klangfarbenmelodie
89. the structure known as binary form is A-A-B-B
90. how many symphonies did Beethoven write 9
91. clara schumann's later creative activities were supported by the devoution of which composer brahms
92. which of the following was NOT a member of the 20th century russian school? -rachmaninoff -delius -prokofiev -shostakovich Delius remember acronym really sh sh darla -russian sergei rachmaninoff sergei prokofiev dmitri shostakovich
93. which of the following was the chief form of intalisn secular music in the renaissance? madrigal
94. a string quartet consists of 2 violins, viola & cello
95. clara schumann's compositional output was predominantly songs, & solo piano works
96. the cantata carmina burana was written by carl orff
97. the late renaissance madrigal came to full flower in the music of claudio monteverdi
98. the dies irae text from the requiem describes the day of judgement
99. who was the first internationally acclaimed american composer of classical music gottschalk
100. the hungarian composer who combined native folk music characteristics with main currents of european music was bartok
101. during the late 16th century, the principal center for polychoral singing was st mark's of venice
102. in sonata allegro form a modulatory section that leads from one theme to the next is called a bridge
103. gottschalk based many of his works off of native american & caribbean songs
104. what characterizes the published devotional music in america during the 19th century ? -simpler notation for people lacking music literacy -monophonic textures -notation intended for performances by trained choirs only -all of the above simpler notation for people lacking music literacy
105. the first composer to indicate dynamics & specific instruments in music was Gabrieli
106. what is the form of the second movement of haydn's surprise symphony themes & variations
107. instrumental music is endowed with literary, philosophicl or pictorial associations called program music
108. which 19th century american composer is best remembered for his popular ballads & minstrel show tunes Stephen foster
109. the term baroque probably derives from a portuguese word meaning irregular in shape
110. the classical period in music is ranged from approx: 1750-1825
111. in absolute music, the lack of a prescribed story or text to hold the music together makes the element of ___ especially important melody
112. the 3 main sections of sonata form are the expositions, development & recapitulation
113. music written for players, generally of consisting of an overture & a series of pieces to be performed between acts is called incidental music
114. Middle ages- 476-1450 FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE
115. Dark Ages 500-1000
116. Late Middle ages 1000-1450
117. the renaissance 1450-1600
118. baroque era 1600-1750
119. romantic era 1825-1890
120. 2 movements styles follow the romantic era in 1890ish post romanticism & impressionism
121. around 1915 appears expressionism, neoclassicism, serialism, nationalism, world music, aleatoric music
122. centers of power are & development of? church & state; libraries, cities, cathedrals, universities & monasteries
123. georgian chant was named for pope georgory the great
124. georgian chant is monophony with conjunct melodies
125. syllabic one note sung with each syllable of text
126. neumatic small groups of up to 5 or 6 notes sung to a syllable
127. meslimatic long groups of notes set to a single syllable of text
128. susato three dances
129. polyphony appears in 1150 organum
130. bach's 3 periods weimar, cothen, leipzig
131. cyclical form using material from an earlier movement in a symphony
132. mult-movement cycle 1st movement- in sonata allegro form, 2nd movement slow in different key theme & variations or ternary form 3rd movement minuet and trio or scherzo fourth movement very fast rondo or sonata allegro form
133. sonata allegro form exposition, development, & recapitulation ELEPHANTS DREAD RATS
134. concertos have: 3 movements
135. Program music examples Concert Overtures, Incidental Music, Program Symphony, Symphonic Poem. CUNT IS PUSSY STANK
136. what is program music instrumental music that is endoed with literary, philosophical or pictorial associatsions
137. what is absolute music instrumental music that is not based on a text or picture
138. part songs- 3 or 4 voice parts with no accompaniment
139. the composer of bel canto style singing is verdi
140. the opera house in Milan is La Scala
141. Wagner ; Gesamtkunstwerk all the arts are fused together
142. leitmotif basic themes that reoccur.
143. the opera house specifically designed for Wagner Bayreuth
144. who composed the first symphony by an african american to be performed by a major american orchestra? William Grant Still
145. the second Viennese school Schoenburg, Alban & Webern SANTA ATE WORMS
146. what did the 1950s & 60s saw? the rise of electronic music & MIDI-musical instrument digital interface)
147. who was the first american born musician to be appointed conductor of the New York Philharmonic Leonard Bernstein