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1. who was a widely loved nationalist opera composer ? Giuseppe verdi
2. What is NOT a well-known Verdi opera ? Carmen
3. richard Wagner's first operatic success was a grand opera entitled Rienzi
4. in addition to composing music, who was an important writer ? wagner
5. in the ring cycle, who is the father of gods ? Wotan
6. who was NOT a composer of Italian opera in the late Romantic era ? Georges Bizet
7. who is NOT an opera by Giacomo Puccini ? Pagliacci
8. Puccini's what ends tragically ? Madame Butterfly
9. The two principa centers of nineteenth-century ballet were ? France and Russia
10. Peter Tchaikovsky was famous for his ? ballets
11. Tchaikovsky's fanciful ballet about a child's Christmas gift and dreams of exortic people and places is called ? The nutcracker.
12. What is the movement that, along with post-romanticism, ushered in the twentieth-century ? Impressionism
13. Who was a dynamic composer and conductor who seved as director of both Vienna Opera and the New York Philharmonic ? Gustav Mahler
14. Gustav Mahler;s song of the Earth sets text by ? a chinese poet
15. Impressionism was a style cultivated principally in ? Paris
16. Impressionism in music is best exemplified by the works of ? Claude debussy
17. The expressionist movement originated in ? Germany
18. the melody in twelve-tone music is called ? a tone row
19. the element that most decisively separated twentieth-century music from that of the past was ? harmony
20. in what ways did the Non-Western arts infuence twentieth-century western arts ?
- western artists sought the spontaneity of primitive art.
- the abstraction of African sculpture influences Western painters.
- Non-Western rhythms were adopted by Western composers.
21. The program of Debussy's Prelude to "the Afternoon of the rFaun" evokes a pagan landscape of ? a mythological creature.