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1. commutative property no matter what order the numbers are in the sum will stay the same
2. zero property any number times zero equals zero
3. y axis a certical line on a coordinate plane
4. radical sign a sign used to show the square root of a number
5. scientific notation writing very small or very large numbers using powers of 10
6. associative property the product is always the same regardless of the numbers and their grouping.All numbers must be in order
7. integers a set of whole numbers and their opposites
8. origin THE POINT WHERE y axis and x axis meet
9. opposite two numbers are an equal distance from zero on a number line
10. standard form writing numbers by using digits
11. identity property any number times 1 equals itself
12. coordinate plane a plane formed by the x and y axis intersecting
13. quadrant the 4 regions that the x and y axis form are called quadrants
14. order of operations a rule for evaluating expressions
15. distributive property a property that states that if you multiply a sum by a number you will get the same sum as if you multiply each addend by that number then add the products
16. ordered pair a pair of numbers that can be used to llocate a point on a coordinate plane
17. x axis the first number in an ordered pair;it tells the distance to move right or left from the origin