Marketing Final: Test 2 Multiple Choice

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1. Money offered by a manufacturer to employees of channel intermediaries to encourage them to sell the manufacturer's product.
a. A trade allowanceb Pull moneyc. A store demonstration incentived. A premium paymente. None of the above
e. None of the ebove
2. Supply Chain Management
a. is a physical flow processb. is customer-drivenc. provides enhanced customer and economic valued. plays the role of communicator of customer demande. all of the above
e. all of the above
3. Defined as all activities directly related to the sale of goods and services to the ultimate consumer for personal, non-business use or consumption Retailing
4. The major characteristic that is used to differentiate between types of intermediaries is whether they Take title to the products they sell
5. An institution that buys goods from manufacturers, takes title to these goods, and resells them to business, government agencies, and/or other wholesalers or retailers Wholesaler
6. Agents and brokers
a. take title to merchandiseb. only represent a great deal of input on the terms of the salec. have a great deal of input on the terms of the saled. generally are on salary with the manufacturere. none of the above
e. none of the above
7. The three basic functions channel members perform transactional, logistical, facilitating
8. One configuration of a marketing channel entails producers selling to consumers with no intermediaries involved Direct Channel
9. A competitive advantage can be developed by all BUT ONE of the following
a. Reverse engineer the product to copy successd. Deliver a product with high qualityc. Deliver a product at the lowest priced. Support a product with excellent servicee. Deliver truly unique product
a. Reverse engineer the product to copy success
10. What goes one step further than applied research by converting new technology applications into marketable products? Product Development
11. The promotional mix is a combination of all BUT ONE of the following:
a. Advertisingb. PRc. Sales promotiond. Personal sellinge. Trade promotion
e. Trade promotion
12. In the long run, regardless of the effort put into the product management process, the most important factor determining if a consumer product will succeed or fail is the way it implements its production strategy
13. Scientific investigation aimed at discovering new technologies Basic research
14. Satisfied customers are likely to engage in positive word-of-mouth communication, thereby helping to bring in new customers. Thus, a means for attracting, developing, and retaining customers Relationship Marketing
15. A product is best described as Good, Service, Idea, Tangible
16. Product mix width may be defined as the numer of different product lines an organization offers for sale
17. Everything, both favorable and unfavorable, that are person receives in an exchange. It can be tangible, intangible, a service, an idea, or a combination of these things Product
18. Planned Obsolescence 1. describes the practice of causing products to become obsolete before they actually need replacement2. Opponents of planned obsolescence argue that the practice is wasteful and unethical3. Marketers may avoid making quality, safety, and functional modifications to existing products to incorporate planned obsolescence into their marketing plans4. Consumers favor style modifications because they like changes in the appearance of goods such as clothing and cars
19. The symbol that cannot e spoken in a brand Brand Mark
20. For which of the following products is it most important for branding to be developed in order to create a consumer who is reluctant to accept a substitute product?
a. Convenience productb. Shopping productc. Speciality productd. Adult producte. Unsought product
c. Speciality product
21. A new product strategy
a. links the new-product development process with the objective of the marketing department, the business unit, and the corporationb. is part of an organization's overall strategic planc. specifies the roles new products play in the organization's overall plansd. describes the characteristics of products the organization is offering and the markets it is servinge. both A and C are correct
e. both A and C are correct
22. Why is creation of a product the most important starting point for the marketing mix? Determination of the price, promotional campaign, and distribution network cannot begin until the product has been specified
23. Takes new technologies and attempts to find useful applications for them Applied research
24. How do market factors affect channel decisions? New firms in extremely competitive markets will be more successful if they use indirect channels
25. At what stage of the new-product development process are most new product ideas rejected? Idea Screening
26. Advertisers are often concerned with the noise level in a medium. The medium that is assumed to have the lowest noise level is: Direct Mail
27. The final stage in the new-product development process Commercialization
28. Which of the following statements about promotion and communication is ALWAYS true?
a. Communication seeks to create a favorable image for the sender.b. Promotion seeks to provide amusementc. Promotion seeks to modify or reinforce behavior and thoughts in some wayd. Communication attempts to reinforce existing behavior e. There is no difference between promotion and communication
c. Promotion seeks to modify or reinforce behavior and thoughts in some way
29. Many people would like to sell and buy on eBay, the most populay of the current Internet auction sites, but they have questions about the process and how to sell and price their merchandise. A company called has set up a directory of specialists to whom you can ask questions. When you choose a name and click on the "Call Now" button, the specialist is contacted and will personally call and answer your questions. charges a per-minute fee to the person who contacts its specialist. would be classified as a:
a. goodb. tangible resourcec. tangible productd. non-profit organizatione. none of the above
e. none of the above
30. A service cannot be touched, seen, tasted, heard, or felt in the same manner in which goods can be sensed and, therefore, is referred to as: Intangible
31. Which of the following is a service component customers use to evaluate service quality?
a. tangiblesb. empathyc. assuranced. responsivenesse. All of the above
e. All of the above
32. Which of the following would represent the fewest products?
a. Product mixb. Product itemc. Product lined. Market mixe. Market line
b. Product item
33. Which of the following statements about developing marketing mixes for services is FALSE?
a. Marketing mixes for services are often different than those for productsb. Marketing services is less challenging than marketing tangible goodsc. Elements of the marketing mix must be adjusted for the unique characteristics of servicesd. The intangibility and simultaneous production and consumption of services may require adjustments in marketing mix elementse. The variability and perishability of services may require adjustments in marketing mix elements
d. Marketing services is less challenging than marketing tangible goods
34. Which of the following is the best example of a convenience product?
a. an alarm clock purchased by an individual who wants to always be punctualb. a newspaper purchased on the way to workc. A $39.95 rose bush for the front yard of a new homed. sheets that match the new guest room wallpapere. a new microwave
b. a newspaper purchased on the way to work
35. Which of the following is NOT an example of a point-of-purchase promotion?
a. television monitors at supermarket checkoutsb. shelf talkers or couponsc. newspaper insertsd. shelf extenders into aislese. end-aisle and floor-stand displays (POPs)
c. newspaper inserts
36. The screening and concept testing stage of the new product development process is used to: Eliminate undesirable ideas and predict consumer acceptance
37. A retail store can be classified according to its: Product assortment
38. Housing several departments under one roof, a(n) _____ carries a wide variety of shopping and specialty goods and provides a high level of service Department store
39. Kroger and Publix, and other supermarkets offer a variety of nontraditional goods and services such as video rental, flower shops, dry cleaning, and banking. This practice is called: Scrambled merchandising
40. What refers to shopping without visiting a store and is currently growing faster than in-store shopping because of the consumer demand for convenience?
a. Non-store retailingb. Specialty merchandisingc. Hypershoppingd. 'etailing'e. Two of the above
e. Two of the above
41. Continuing relationship in which an individual or business grants business rights to operate or sell a product to another individual or business Franchise
42. Retailers control the six Ps of the retailing mix. The six Ps include the marketing mix plus: Personnel and presentation
43. Communications by marketers that inform, persuade, and remind potential buyers of a product in order to influence an opinion or elicit a response Promotion
44. The main function of promotion is to: Convince the consumers a firm's products offer differential advantages over those of its competition
45. The promotional mix consists of: personal selling sales promotion, advertising, and public relations
46. The process by which we exchange or share meanings through a common set of symbols. People also assign meanings to feelings, ideas, facts, and attitudes. Communication
47. The communication process itself consists of: encoding, decoding, channel, sender, and receiver
48. Which of the following is NOT a reason to reposition an established brand?
a. Dominant competitorb. Changing demographicsc. Declining salesd. Changes in social environmente. Significant brand loyalty and customer satisfaction
e. Significant brand loyalty and customer satisfaction
49. What are the three basic tasks of promotion? informing, persuading, and reminding
50. A form of impersonal, sponsor paid, one-way mass communication Advertising
51. Due to service _______, services cannot be stored, warehoused, or inventoried. Perishability
52. Brand is best described as: Everything that defines your product and distinguishes it from its competitors
53. Which of the following statements about channels is NOT TRUE
a. The most common business product channel is directb. The direct channel and the retailer channel are the most common for sale of consumer productsc. The wholesalers in the consumer channels have been significantly reduced in recent yearsd. The Wal-Mart marketing strategy has had a significant affect on consumer product channelse. Agents and brokers are increasing in the product channels
e. Agents and brokers are increasing in the product channels
54. Which of the following would NOT be considered a competitive advantage?
a. High product qualityb. Low pricesc. Excellent serviced. Unique featurese. Bait and switch pricing
e. Bait and switch pricing
55. A product line is a group of products that are closely related because the: products all function in a similar manner and provide similar benefits
56. Which of the following is the best example of a retailers?
a. the American Red Crossb. a television stationc. the local tax officed. a radio statione. none of the above is in retailing
e. none of the above is in retailing
57. Markets are often scattered over large geographic regions, yet a manufacturer may only have one location in the country. This creates a(n) _______ discrepancy. Spatial
58. An activity in which a long-term incentive is offered to induce the purchase of a particular good or service.
a. Publicityb. Sales promotionc. Promotiond. Advertisinge. None of the above
e. None of the above
59. AFLAC Insurance Company introduced a duck in its adds that said the company's name instead of "Quack". Since the advertising campaign began, AFLAC has created a duck premium, developed a line of clothing with the AFLAC duck, and used the AFLAC duck on its Web site. The AFLAC duck has become a tool for: Sales promotions
60. The goal of sales promotion (regardless of what form it takes) is usually: immediate purchase by consumers
61. Why do some marketers offer rebates instead of price reductions to induce short-term sales? Rebates are especially good at enticing purchases, but most consumers never bother to redeem them
62. A newspaper article on how the Budweiser plant impacts the environment of Bartow County is an example of: Publicity
63. A business structure of interdependent organizations, reaching from the point of product origin to the consumer, is a:
a. marketing channelb. marketing mix intermediaryc. transportation channel or channel of movementd. channel of distributione. A or D
e. A or D
64. A management consulting business stays in touch with its business customers with phone calls and greeting cards. It periodically sends out needs-assessment questionnaires and designs new services to meet the needs revealed in these surveys. This is an example of relationship marketing based on : social bonds