Goldilocks vocabulary cards

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1. What does this mean
Los tres osos

The three bears
2. Who is she? Ricitos de Oro
3. What is the Spanish word for a bed Una cama
4. What is the Spanish word for a chair una silla
5. Hola Hi, hello
6. What is the Spanish word for a bowl un plato
7. What is the Spanish word for soup la sopa
8. The Spanish word for HOT is caliente
9. The Spanish word for COLD is frío, fría
10. The Spanish word for HARD is duro, dura
11. Papá Oso es grande. Papa Bear es big.
12. Mamá Osa es mediana. Mama Bear is medium.
13. El Oso Bebé es pequeño. Baby bear is little.
14. UN PASEO is: a walk
15. La sopa es caliente means The soup is hot.
16. La cama de Papá es dura. Papa Bear's bed is hard.
17. La cama de Mamá es blanda. Mama Bear's Bed is soft.
18. La cama de Bebé es perfecta. Baby Bear's bed is perfect.
19. Hasta luego See you later.