Geometry Formulas

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1. Area of a square A=s^2
2. Perimeter of a square P=4s
3. Area of a rectangle A = lw
4. perimeter of a rectangle p=2L +2w
5. area of a triangle a=1/2bh
6. perimeter of a triangle p=a+b+c
7. volume of rectangular solid v=Lwh
8. surface area of a rectangular solid S=2Lw+2Lh+2wh
9. area of a trapezoid a=1/2 h(B + b)
10. perimeter of a trapezoid p=a+b+c+B
11. volume of a sphere v=4/3(pi)r^3
12. surface area of a sphere s=4(pi)r^2
13. area of a parallelogram a=ah
14. perimeter of a parallelogram p=2a +2b
15. volume of a right circular cylinder v=(pi)r^2h
16. surface area of a right circular cylinder s=2(pi)r^2+2(pi)rh
17. area of a circle a=(pi)r^2
18. circumference of a circle c=2(pi)r = (pi)d
19. volume of a cube v=s^3
20. Surface area of a cube S=6s^2
21. volume of a cone v=1/3 (pi)r^2h