English Short Story Vocab. Words

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1. amenity something that adds to ones comfort or convenience
2. condone to forgive or overlook
3. cultivated refined or cultured suspicison; inspiring confidence
4. droll amusingly odd or comercial
5. imperative absolutly necessary
6. quarry the object of a hunt: prey
7. scruple a feeling of uneasiness that keeps a person from doing something
8. solicitously in a manner expressing care or concern
9. tangible capable of being touched or felt
10. uncanny so remarkable as to seem supernatural
11. zealous intensly enthusiastic
12. abscond to go away suddenly and secretly
13. apenture an opening, such as a hole or gap
14. immolation death or destruction
15. impunity freedom from penatly or harm
16. preclude to make impossible, especially by taking action in advance
17. repose to lie dead or at rest
18. subside to decrease in amount or intensity; to settle down
19. termination an end, limit, or edge