Cell Organelles

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1. Which organelle is known as the control center? Nucleus
2. Which organelle is the site of cell respiration (creates energy)? Mitochondria
3. Which organelle is the site of photosynthesis? Chloroplast
4. Which organelle is semi-permeable? Cell Membrane
5. Which organelle gives plant cells strength and protection? Cell Wall
6. Which organelle stores wastes, water, minerals and proteins for the cell? Vacuole
7. Which organelle contains digestive enzymes? Lysosomes
8. Which organelle is the site of protein synthesis? Ribosomes
9. Which organelle is responsible for transporting proteins throughout the cell? Endoplasmic Reticulum
10. What organelle is responsible for packaging proteins? Golgi Body (Golgi Apparatus)
11. Which organelle makes ribosomes? Nucleolus
12. What organelles contain genes? Chromosomes
13. Which organelles are only found in plant cells? Cell Wall and Chloroplasts
14. Which organelle is found mostly in animal cells? Lysosomes
15. An organism that does not contain a nucleus Prokaryote
16. An organism that does have a nucleus Eukaryote