Cell cycle

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1. what are the phases of cell cycle? interphase prophase metaphase anaphase telophase cytokinesis
2. what are the parts of a chromosome structure? SISTER CHROMATIDS CCENTROMERE
3. Chromosomes are made of ??? how many per person? when visible? replicated...??? DNA 46 cell division before cell division
4. Mitosis: phases?? P M A T
5. Prophase 1st & longest(mitosis); chromosomes visible; centrioles=opposite side, form spindles;nuclear envelope breaks down; nucleolus disappears
6. Metaphase shortest; chromosomes line up in middle of cell and spindle fibers attach
7. anaphase centromeres split sisters move away
8. Telophase chromosomes become dense and are yarn like nuclear envelope reforms & nucleolus reappears; spindle breaks apart mitosis is complete
9. cytokinesis division of cytoplasm cleavage or furrow forms; plant: cell plate is formed