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1. What was Gallaudet's name before it became Gallaudet? Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind
2. What year was Gallaudet named Gallaudet? 1954
3. Who was the superintendent of the Columbia Institution? Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
4. What does MSSD stand for? Model Secondary School for the Deaf
5. When was Gallaudet granted the "university" status? October 1986
6. Amos Kendall worked for which president? Andrew Jackson
7. How many years was the Columbia Institute founded before the Civil War? 8 years
8. During which presidential era did congress approve to confer college degrees? Abraham Lincoln
9. Who was Gallaudet named after? Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
10. What was the controversial debate in the senate that created hesitation to grant collegiate degrees? How could "deaf-mutes" succeed in college?
11. Which house in congress did the bill to grant deaf students collegiate degrees pass without objection? the House of Rep.
12. College degrees given to the deaf were given when? 1864
13. Which pres. approved the est. of MSSD? Pres. Richard Nixon
14. Who is Amos Kendall? a postmaster general during 2 presidential administrations
15. What did Amos Kendall donate? 2 acres of land in WA, D.C. to est. school/housing for 12 deaf/6 blind children
16. How did the CIDDB come about? Kendall persuaded Congress to incorporate his new school the very next year.
17. Why is Gallaudet viewed by deaf and hearing people alike as a primary source? education/career opportunity, communication/visual learning, deaf history/culture, and ASL
18. Which foundation contributed to Gallaudet? The WK Kellogg Foundation
19. What did the WK Kellogg Foundation contribute to Gallaudet? Enabled the University to construct the Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University
20. What did pres. LBJ sign in 1969? the act that created MSSD