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1. idenitfy the picutre Jan Verneer 'The Letter' 1666
2. idenitfy the picture Gerrit van Honthorst 'Supper Party' 1620
-Not bright color palete
-Played with light source
--Showed relaxed lifestyle, against Calvinist believes, dangers of having too much fun
3. idenitfy the picture Jan Steen 'The Feast of Saint Nicholas' 1660-5
-The modern day Santa Clause
-Things going wrong
4. idenitfy the picture Frans Hals 'Women Regents of the Old Men's home of Haarlem' 1664 DUTCH

-The women in the painting are patronages they donated money to old mens home
-Realistic didn't pretty them up
5. idenitfy the picture Jacob Ruisdael 'View of Haarlem from the Dunes at Overveen' 1670
-What you see
6. idenitfy the picture Jan Vermeer 'Allegory of the Art of Painting' 1670-05
7. idenitfy the picture Pieter Claesz 'Vanitas' Still Life c1630s
-Fits nicely into houses
The feelings qualities of life
Memento Mori-the remberence of death
-Material concerns won't last forever
8. idenitfy the picture Rachel Ruysch 'Flower Still Life' c1700
9. idenitfy the picture Peter Paul Rubens 'Elevation of the Cross' Altarpiece Saint Walburg, Antwerp 1610
-Religious imagery
-Painted after 10 years in Rome
-Many layers of color (Titian)
-Learned from artist before him
-Muscles (Michelangelo)
-Light to dark (Caravaggio)
10. idenitfy the picture Rubens 'Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseilles' 1622-25
Located Palais Luxembourg, Paris
-For powerful Italian family
-A queen asked Rubens to make a series of paintings for her to make her look powerful
11. idenitfy the picture Rembrandt van Rijn 'Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp' 1632
-The students learning and all looking at different things
-Individual people and faces
12. idenitfy the picture Rembrandt 'Night Watch' 1642
-Comissioned by groups located in Amsterdam
-Original suppose to take plc\ace during the day, but glaze over it made it appear dark
-More diversity more complexity
-Related to military painting
13. idenitfy the picture Rembrandt 'Self-Portrait' in Kenwood House 1660
-Not idealized
-Showed who he was as an artist
-He made a lot of self portraits
14. idenitfy the picture Rembrandt 'Hundred-Guilder Print' 1649
-Sell multiple
-MAke more of a profit
-Really just one color of ink
15. idenitfy the picture Jusepe Ribera 'Martyrdom of Saint Philip' 1639
-Religious figure, not idealized
-Body distressed
-Less glorious
-Face shows agony
16. idenitfy the picture Francisco de Zurbaran 'Saint Serapion' 1628
-Zero in on subject
-Counter reformation idea focus on main topic
-Direct light, rooted in reality
17. idenitfy the picture Diego Velazques 'Water Carrier of Seville' 1619
-Inspired by Caravaggio
-Used common pictures in his early work
-This piece caught King Philip's attention
18. idenitfy the picture Deigo Velazquez 'Portrait of Philip IV' 1644
-Huge jaw from inbreeding
-Diego become really close with King Philip
19. idenitfy the picture Velazquez 'Surrender at Breda' 1634
-Strong use of propaganda
-Historical content
-Devoted to political expansion
-Spanish victory over a small town
-12 feet big
-Military bloddyness down played
20. idenitfy the picture Velazquez 'Las Menias' 1656
-Means 'Ladies in Waiting'
-Doesn't fit into any kind of painting
-King and Queen in mirror
21. idenitfy the picture Hyacinthe Rigaud 'State Portrait of Louis XIV' 1700
-Showing of his 'dancing' legs
-Not really showing Louis XIV, but representing France
22. idenitfy the picture Antoine Watteau 'L'Indifferent' 1716
-Means the different one
-Out of date outfit
-body communicates what was going on in your mind
-Graceful pose
23. idenitfy the picture Watteau 'Pilgrimage to Cythera' 1717
-People of France going to or coming from Vensus's island- Cythera
-Submitted to academy of France and they were confused what exactly to call it
-Fete-galante-the genry made for this painting
-Its a form of Rococo of people having fun
24. idenitfy the picture Francois Boucher 'Cupid a Captive' 1754
-Portraits were popular high income of middle class
-Encourages romantic ideas
-Had to please costumers (merchant painting)
25. idenitfy the picture Claude Michel 'Satyr Crowning a Bacchante' c1770
-Smaller statues
-Wide spread commerce for art
-Light hearted
26. idenitfy the picture Francois Cuvillies 'Hall of Mirrors' early 18century
-Located in Amalienburg Munich
-Heavy Rococo
-A log of color
-No paintings
-Decroations look muted through the natural light
27. idenitfy the picture Balthasar Neumann 'Vierzehnheligen' 1743-72
-Rococo church
-Pilgrimage church
-Rococo churches were usually located in the middle of no where
-Sense of space is flexible
28. idenitfy the picture Joseph Wright Derby 'A Philosopher Giving a Lecture at the Orrery' c1763-65
-Solar system
-Science lectures were forms of entertainment
-Science can help you with the way the world works (Enlightenment ideas)
29. idenitfy the picture William Hogarth 'Marriage a la Mode' Scene 2 1745
-Depicts real people and makes fun of them
-The painting is just one of a giant story telling the shams of marriage
-Shows couple wasting money
30. idenitfy the picture Thomas Gainsborough 'Mrs Richard Brinsley Sheridan' 1787
-Sensibility sense of world and yourself by personal experience
-Out in nature
-In natural surrounding, harmony in the world
-Enlightenment inspired
31. idenitfy the picture Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, Grace at Table, 1740
-'Taste for the natural"
-Baroque and Rococo looked a little over the top
-People in their 'natural' being at home
-Furnishing is modest
-Smallest child being taught values
-Owned by Louis 15th --shared the embrace of the simple life style
32. idenitfy the picture Angelica Kauffmann, Cornelia Pointing to Her Children as Her Treasures, 1785
-Neoclassicism fascinated with ancient world (The birth of Reason)
-'New' Renaissance
-truth, simpliticy, honesty
-History painting
33. idenitfy the picture Jacques-Louis David Oath of the Horatii, 1784
-Another history piece
-Hyper masculine
-People are sober
-Triangle composition
34. idenitfy the picture Jacques-Louis David Death of Morat, 1793
-Contempory event
-Morat a revolutionist, killed by anti-revolutionist
35. idenitfy the picture Richard Boyle and Wm. Kent Chiswick House
-London 1725
-Revival of classical reform
-In contrast of French Rococo
-English garden 'park' opposed to French gardens
-Inspired by Palladio
-Form before
36. idenitfy the picture Thomas Jefferson University of Virginia (Library), Charlottesville VA, 1819-1826
-Dome at center
-A library at the center of campus-knowledge
37. idenitfy the picture Horatio Greenough George Washington 1840
-how to represent out greatest leader
-Shocked his top was off
38. idenitfy the picture Fracisco de Goya 'The Sleep of Reason Produce Monster' from Los Caprchrios 1798
-Etching, print
-Reaction to Enlightenment ideas
39. idenitfy the picture Goya 'Saturn Devouring One of his Children c1820-23
-Painting for his house
-Subject of passion, madness
-In Spain during political upheaval
-Brushyness, passion, and quickness
40. idenitfy the picture Goya Executions of the Third of May, 1808, 1814
-Commission by the King
-advertisment for Spanish Kingdom
-Spanish rebels confronted by French
-You dont see the French, but you see the scared faces of the Spanish
41. idenitfy the picture Théodore Géricault "Raft the Medusa" 1819-Painting of true story of the ship-Captian of ship took all the life boats and let people tofend from themselve-it was a French captain, close to French King-15 survived
42. idenitfy the picture Delacroix 'Liberty leading the People' 1830
-group of Rebels
-Fighting against unjust government
-Notre Dame is behind them
-Symbol of nationalism
43. idenitfy the picture Delacroix "Death of Sardanapalus' 1826
-King killing himself
-His women being slaughtered
-No blood actually being shown, red blanket
-scary, passionate, sexy
-Harem Scene
44. idenitfy the picture Turner 'The Slave Ship' 1840
-Englishmen, no slaves in England?
-extreme brushyness
-Ship is being dragged down and they are throwing off slaves
The Sublime--natural world over taking people

45. idenitfy the picture Church 'Twilight in the Wilderness' 1860's
-Painted American wilderness
-We may not have great architecture but we got this pretty landscape
-Country full of passion
-America was a place to start over