27 Amendments of the Consitution quick study flash cards

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1. The 7th Amendment explains people;s rights in __________. Civil cases
2. The voting age was lowered to __________ by the 26th Amendment. Eighteen
3. The production and sale of _________ in the U.S. was outlawed by the 18 amendment Liquor
4. The 19 Amendment gave ________ the right to vote. Women
5. The 8 Amendment provides information on fines,_______, and punishment. Bails
6. The 6th Amendment gives Americans the right to a fair and speedy _______. Trail
7. The 2nd Amendment gives U.S. citizens the right to bear ________. arms
8. People do not have to provide ____________ with food and shelter in times of peace, according to the 3rd Amendment. Soldiers
9. Twelve amendments to the Constitution were submitted by __________ for approval by the states:ten of theses were approved and are the Bill of Rights Congress
10. Freedom of the press, speech, and _________ is provided by the 1st Amendment. religion
11. The rights of people involved in _________ are described in the 5th Amendment. Criminal cases
12. Congress was given the right to collect _________ by the 16th amendments. income taxes
13. the 15th Amendment gave ___________ Americans the right to vote Africans Americans
14. the 18th Amendment outlawed _____ of the U.S. liqour
15. The 15th Amendment gave _____ Americans the right to vote. African Americans
16. In 1789, _____ submitted 12 amendments to the states for approval:ten were approved and now called the Bill of Tights. Congress
17. The 5th amendment describes the right of people involved in _________ cases criminal
18. Th e1st Amendment provides freedom of speech, _________, and the press. religion
19. The 3rd Amendment deals with providing _____________ with food and housing. Soldiers
20. The 16th Amendment gives Congress the right to collect _____ taxes. income taxes
21. The 19th Amendment gave ________ the right to vote. women
22. Information on ____________, fines and punishments is given in the 8th Amendment. Bails
23. The 7th Amendment describes the rights of people involved in ________ cases. Civil
24. The 26th Amendment lowered the voting age to ____________. 18
25. Th 6th Amendment guarantees citizens the right to a fair and speedy ____________ trial
26. The 4th Amendment deals with search and arrest __________. warrents
27. The 2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to bear __________ (gun) arms
28. 1st Amendment provides for freedom of religion, speech and press
29. 2nd Amendment Provides for the right to bear arms
30. 3rd Amendment provides for housing of soldiers
31. 4th provides for search and arrest warrants
32. 5th provides for rights in criminal cases
33. 6th provides right to a fair trial
34. 7th provides for a persons' rights in civil cases
35. 8th provides for bails, fines, and punishments
36. 13th the stop of slavary
37. 14th gives the law that citizens rights cant be taken away
38. 15th gave African Americans the right to vote
39. 16th gave congress the right to collect income taxes
40. 17th states that the Americans citizens elect the U.S. senators instead of the state legislatures
41. 18th made it illegal to make or transport liquor
42. 19th gave women the right to vote
43. 20th states that if president dies during the electoral then vice president shall by president.
44. 21st amendment repeals the 18th amendment
45. 26th lowered the voting age to 18