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Smart Strategies to Protect Your Business’ Digital Privacy

Gone are the days when a locked file cabinet, a strong door, and a heavy deadbolt were all you needed to keep your company’s data safe. These days, data breaches are more likely to occur in the digital sphere. Some of the top digital threats for businesses arise from malware, data theft, ransomware, phishing schemes, undermined...
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Don’t Just Talk to Your Employees – Communicate!

When it comes to interacting with your employees and helping them grow as individuals in your organization, consider the following question: Are you just talking to your employees or are you communicating with them? There’s a distinct difference and you would do well to understand why one is superior to the other. Talking vs. Communicating...
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Customers are on Social Media now – Are you there to Support them?

To any organization, having customers is absolutely critical to the development and success of the company as a whole. Having loyal customers is even more important because you can rely on them to come to you for return business and to market your products or services through word-of-mouth sharing. So, how do you create the...
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